Who Should the Account Holder be for my Company

Katie Dahill
Katie Dahill
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When you receive a request from one of your business partners to join the FHR Exchange, you should forward it to someone who is authorized to disclose financial information on behalf of your company. This person will be your company‚Äôs account holder on the FHR Exchange.  

After you complete a request, you may be asked to share the report with additional partners, so the account holder should be in a position to manage requests from all clients who may request an FHR Report on your company.

Below are some examples of common job titles of account holders on the FHR Exchange:

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Financial Controller
  • VP of Finance
  • Chief Executive Officer

If you are unsure who the account holder should be, we recommend that you ask your direct manager who at your company is authorized to provide financial information. For further guidance, you can reach out to the Member Services Associate you are working with.

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