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RapidRatings offers a powerful platform to assess the Financial Health Ratings of suppliers, customers, or business partners. The purpose of this page is to provide a brief overview of our privacy practices in the FHR Exchange, but if you are concerned specifically about use of personal information, then we also recommend that you review the full, most current RapidRatings Privacy Policy, available at


Requests and Reports

The FHR Exchange allows certain FHR Exchange users (like clients or vendors) to make requests to receive access to your company’s financial information and reports. Acceptance of any request is at your sole discretion. If RapidRatings receives your acceptance, RapidRatings will share the financial information and reports. Be sure to review the types of disclosure settings available to you, to understand what type of financial information and reports will be shared.


Tracking Access and Usage

A Member’s access patterns and usage history in the FHR Exchange are tracked by RapidRatings. RapidRatings keeps all this information strictly protected according to the Discloser Terms and Privacy Policy (if applicable). RapidRatings analyzes the information and content you provide or make available to the FHR Exchange, provided that the results of such analysis do not identify you or any other entity or individual as the source thereof. RapidRatings may review broad usage patterns to aid in product development and to make continual improvements to our web platform and report offerings. RapidRatings also uses this information for security purposes, such as monitoring for access that doesn’t reflect a pattern of usage by a human person. This tracking cannot be turned off for a specific FHRX Member.



RapidRatings appreciates the feedback you provide to us about the FHR Exchange and our services. Any information, content, or materials you provide to us through the FHR Exchange, including any feedback, comments, or suggestions relating to the use, operation, performance, functionality, or features of the FHR Exchange is treated to be entirely voluntary. RapidRatings may use any feedback as we see fit for any purpose and without any notice, payment, or other obligation to you.



RapidRatings would like each Member to have the fullest possible experience on the FHR Exchange. RapidRatings is developing and intends to launch additional functionality within the FHR Exchange that encourages third parties to search for or discover FHR Exchange Members. Related to this, RapidRatings may list a Member’s company as a user inside the FHR Exchange and use the Member’s company name in listings of participating Members appearing on the FHR Exchange. Members cannot opt out of this list at this time. We will not conduct marketing or other public activities outside of the FHR Exchange without a Member’s prior consent.

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