I have worked with RapidRatings before. How is this different?

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The FHR is the industry standard in measuring financial health, and sharing an FHR through the Exchange allows members to benefit from understanding risk and increasing transparency with their clients.


“We complete RapidRatings information to meet our clients’ requirements and this is a great benchmark for us to see where we sit and where we can improve.” – Finance Manager, private equipment manufacturer.


Using the FHR Exchange, members are able to complete multiple FHR requests on one streamlined platform without having to go through the submission process multiple times. Your company maintains complete control of FHR disclosures.  

The FHR Exchange allows Members to gain access into the valuable insights into their own financial health by accessing their FHR Score and corresponding reports, previously only available to RapidRatings Clients.

In addition to accessing the FHR, Premium Members also receive a host of other benefits, including a peer benchmark assessment.

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