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RapidRatings utilizes a secure online platform for all transmission of financial information, FHRs, and sensitive company data. This supports our security and privacy certifications, and meets the high standards of our client base, comprised of the world's largest and most sophisticated supply chains.

RapidRatings only accepts financial data submissions via upload to the FHR Exchange.

Once you have submitted financial data, subsequent FHRs and associated reports are then only released (to Members and Clients) via the FHR Exchange platform.  

This policy allows us to uphold the strong assurances we provide you, the members, when you trust us with your sensitive company data.  

Please do NOT email financial information, as we are unable to add the data to your account to complete the process on your behalf.

If you have any further questions about RapidRatings’ security standards, please consult our articles on Information Security and Privacy.  

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