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Mary Connaughton
Mary Connaughton
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When Members join the FHR Exchange, they have certain expectations for data protection, security, and confidentiality. RapidRatings stands by our commitment to those principles and now signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with each FHR Exchange Member at their first login.


An NDA is a well-known, industry-standard agreement that describes how confidential information will be handled by each party. It includes specific information about how RapidRatings will share financial information with other parties.


RapidRatings can countersign the NDA at a Member's request. NDAs are stored in the "Documents" section of the FHR Exchange and can be downloaded by the Member at any time.


RapidRatings treats each FHR Exchange Member with the same level of care, therefore we do not negotiate the NDA on a case-by-case basis. The NDA is a standard agreement for the thousands of FHRX Members who disclose their company’s financial information and reports across the entire FHR Exchange.


With the FHR Exchange, each Member has control over the level of detail that is shared with partners. You can choose to share the Standard Transparency FHR Report, which includes financial statements, or a Limited Transparency Report, which excludes all financial data, and you can change these disclosure settings at any time in the FHR Exchange.


We believe that strong business relationships are built on trust. With the RapidRatings NDA, each Member can trust that the FHR Exchange will keep their information secure.


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