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As a member of the FHR Exchange, you have the option of choosing what level of disclosure you share with your client in the FHR Report. We do not necessarily require disclosure of your financials to the client. You have the option of proceeding with either a Full Transparency Report or a Limited Transparency Report.


The Full Transparency Report is our standard FHR report. This is our flagship report with a deep and comprehensive analysis of your company's financial health.

Included in this report are:

  • The FHR (Financial Health Report), CHS (Core Health Score), and EPD (Estimated Probability of Default)
  • Current and historical analysis of your company's strengths and weaknesses with peer comparisons
  • Full balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements
  • Liquidity ratio, activity ratio and cash flow ratio analysis sections
  • Simulation of the effect of abnormal items


If you are not comfortable sharing your financials with the client, you may opt for the Limited Transparency report. While this report still displays your FHR, CHS, and EPD, the client will have no insight into the underlying financials and ratios that contribute to the score.


If you’re interested in viewing samples of these reports, please reach out to your RapidRatings Representative and they can provide you with this information.


After submitting your financial statement data, a confirmation message will come up with details on how to update the disclosure levels afterwards.




You also have the ability to update your disclosure level at any time after the rating is released.



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