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Mary Connaughton
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All FHR Exchange members have full control of who can see their FHR Report, and which reports they choose to share. When a member receives a request to share their report, they can choose to accept or decline the request. Report sharing controls are on your account dashboard. 


Accepting or Declining a Request 

  • When you accept a request to share, you can choose whether to share your FHR Report in full or a Limited Transparency Report. This is then shared with the company making the request. 
  • When you decline a request to share, no report will be shared with the company making the request. 


Full FHR Report Vs Limited Transparency Report 

The Limited Transparency Report is a high-level summary of your FHR Report that excludes detailed financial data. It allows you to share your FHR and Core Health Score without divulging detailed financial data.  

The FHR Report is a comprehensive analysis of your financial health that provides greater transparency since it includes the financial data used to generate the rating. It allows you to establish a high-level of trust and promotes open dialogue with your business partners. 


External Sharing 

Premium members of the FHR Exchange can also download their FHR Report and share it with organizations outside of the FHR Exchange. They can use this feature to promote their financial standing and win new business.  


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