Why do I need to create an account?

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Creating an account on The FHR Exchange should take less than 5 minutes. You’ll simply need to enter some basic contact information, create a password, and agree to our Privacy, Consent and Disclosure Policy. 

Your email address will serve as your username.


RapidRatings will not send you marketing emails unless you opt in. We may contact you with regard to a mutual client's risk program or regarding your own FHR. 


We ask that you create an account mainly for security reasons All financial data must come through our secure portal.  Please do NOT submit financial data via email, fax, or any other means.  This way, we can ensure that your sensitive data is encrypted at rest and in transit using the latest and best encryption algorithms.  


In addition, the account will allow you to access your company's FHR Report once we complete the rating.


Moreover, your membership on the FHR Exchange comes with several benefits that are only accessible from within the platform, including your company’s Peer Benchmark Report and access to the FHR Reports of up to 100 public companies. 


Memberships do not auto-renew at this time.


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